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Little Lap the dinosaur is finding it hard to make friends - and he just doesn't know why!

Maybe using his words would help him?



My niece's son absolutely LOVES the  book!! It is his absolute favourite and he was telling me how it is not nice to Roar!!  So sweet!!  Your book is amazing! 

Barb, Brisbane

This is a lovely story with an important lesson to be told.
Brightly coloured and fabulous illustrations.
Happy to recommend.

Fiona, UK

As soon as this book arrived, I knew it was going to be popular with my dinosaur mad two-year-old (is there such a thing as a two-year-old who isn't dinosaur mad?)


About the author

About the author

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Antje Taylor was born and raised in Germany. She moved to Australia over ten years ago and now lives in Brisbane with her husband and her two young children.

The idea for Friends don’t like roaring came to her when watching her son at the playground, not knowing how to talk to and interact with other children and hence, 'roaring' at them. After telling her son a story about a roaring dinosaur at the playground, Antje put it down on paper and Lap, the little dinosaur, came to life.

When she is not a mum, Antje works as a management consultant. She enjoys travelling, outrigger canoeing, spending time on the beach and reading books, both for herself or to her children. Friends don't like roaring is her first children's book.

Antje with her two kids
- Matt Howorth, Illustrator -

Matt is a freelance British illustrator living in the north of England, specialising in character design for animation and children’s illustration.

He first fell in love with drawing after watching The Little Mermaid at his grandma’s house. He spent much of his childhood covering the living room floor in crayon drawings of mermaids and sea creatures.

You can see his artwork on his website and @matthoworth on Instagram.

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