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We love to read in our family - especially at bed time. I feel very fortunate that both my kids get so much joy out of books. 


On this site I will share with you our favorite children's books. The "reviews" are based on our family, in particular, my kids' opinions.



Kimo Armitage

Stories: Limu is a special turtle as he is blue - unlike all the others. While the other turtles make fun of him, he is a kind turtle who helps others as well as the ocean. 


Both books (Limu - The Blue Turtle & Limu - The Blue Turtle and His Hawaiian Garden) are wonderful stories for kids, teaching kindness and care. They show that being different does not matter, but what is more important is how you treat others. 


The very cranky bear 

Nick Bland

Stories: Bear is cranky because he just wants to sleep or competes with Boris Buffalo who is braver. 


Both kids enjoy the bear stories. They are the perfect length for a bedtime read and the rhyming encourages the kids to "read" with you. 


Engibear & Engilina

Andrew King / Benjamin Johnston

Stories: Both Engibear and Engilina design and build - may it be a Bearbot which needs several versions, a Bridge or a Train. 


My son absolutely loves the story of Engibear's Dream and how he has to build multiple versions of Bearbot until he succeeds. While a beautiful story showing to never give up and keep trying, the detailed illustrations are what attract my son to the book(s). If you have a little one who loves building and detail, these are the books to read.


Hairy Maclary Collection

Lynley Dodd

Stories: Hairy Maclary, the little black dog, gets up to lots of mischief -often with all of his friends. May it be at the vet, at dog school or just bringing a bone home to eat.


An oldie, but a goodie! I can honestly say that I read these books every night for at least a year. My son absolutely loved the Hairy Maclary stories when he was a toddler and I am sure it was the rhymes. Funnily, my daughter was never that interested in them. She prefers Slinky Malinky - the cat stories - probably because she is a bit scared of dogs.


I can be a Princess


There are 10 little books in a 'case'. Each is about a good character trait, such as being independent, being curious or being friendly, shown by a princess.

My daughter really enjoys this book 'case'. She carries it around, loves choosing a colour (book) which we will read, looking at the princesses and putting the books back into the case after reading. I personally like that the princesses show examples of strong, independent characters.


Pip & Posy - The Little Puddle

Axel Scheffler

Story: Pip has a little accident, but Posy makes sure that he does not feel embarrassed about it. 

In addition to the story being perfect for little ones who are in the process of toilet training, there are also lots of little details on the pages to search for and discuss. It also shows a lovely story of friendship.

Especially my daughter has shown a vivid interest in this story, feeling with PIp when he looks sadly at the puddle.  


Animal Encyclopedia

National Geographic

My son absolutely loves this animal book and can spend a long time looking at all the pictures.

The book is structured into the different animal groups with each animal being shown in a picture as well as some generic facts about the animal. 

It is fantastic book for little people who strive on colourful pictures and love animals.


Wimmelbuch (German)

Different illustrators / authors

In Germany, books with lots of small, different images and situations are called "Wimmelbuch". They often have no text, but show different places and what can happen in those places; eg. at the airport, at the farm etc. These books are fantastic to get your little one talking, see little details and ask them to find things. 

In our family, these books are an absolute favorite. You can spend a long time "reading" them and still find new details every time. 

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